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Meet The Team

Leadership Team

Kathleen is Co-Founder and CEO at InBold Inc.

Kathleen Grave DBA

CO Founder/CEO
Picture of Kenda Hansen - CMO of best CBD Lotion

Kenda Hansen

CO Founder/CMO
Scott Jones - VP of Operations at InBOLD Inc (Parent Company of Lassen Labs)

Scott Jones

VP of Operations

Blake Cohlan

Director of Digital Sales and Marketing

Patrick Reilly

Legal Counsel

Amy Penticoff

Peter Hartman - Advisor at Lassen Labs, maker of top cbd to help with sleeping.

Peter Hartman

Dr Leslie Elkind M.D

Dr. Leslie Elkind

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Dr. Les Elkind

As a leading authority in medicine, Les has spent the past 40 years innovating in his field. In his early career Les held a position as an Emergency Room Physician for over a decade. In 1986 Les became the Director of Health Services at Cornell University followed by a role as Director of Student Health Services at UC Santa Cruz. He graduated from the New York Downstate Medical School of Brooklyn, and did his post graduate training at UCSF in the early 1970’s. He Co-founded White Bird Clinic in Oregon in 1975 providing free medical care and crisis intervention for the Eugene community. He has been a long time Cannabinoid advocate and spent two years as a physician on HelloMD providing medicinal cannabis guidance for patients seeking to improve their health and well-being.

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