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Guide to Buy CBD

Our CBD buying guide is perfect to understand what you should look for when buying CBD.

Types of CBD

With all the different types of CBD on the market, the first step in educating yourself on CBD is to understand the 4 most common types of CBD. This includes full spectrum, broad spectrum, CBD isolate, and Nano CBD.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum products in general have trace amounts of THC. The THC levels are so slight that they will not get somebody high and have no psychoactive effects, however they can still be an issue for those receiving a drug test. If you are comfortable with trace amounts of THC and are not drug tested this might be right for you.

Broad Spectrum

Like, full spectrum, these products contain all the same cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original hemp material but they have removed all detectable amounts of THC.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate removes all plant material and compounds except CBD resulting in a crystalline material single cannabidiol molecule. Isolates can contain up to 99% concentrated cannabidiol.

Nano CBD

Nano CBD is a compound where the molecules of CBD are mare made into extremely small sizes (less than 100 nano meters) and turned into a water-based form. This allows the CBD to pass through your skin easier and you feel the effects quicker than any oil-based CBD form.
Water Soluble vs Oil Soluble CBD

One important factor to consider when shopping for CBD is to explore if it is water soluble or oil soluble. Nano-emulsions or liposomal delivery systems spin down the molecules to tiny particles that improve absorption rates and onset times.

For example, when a traditional oil-based pill is swallowed, you can absorb as little as 10% of the hemp extract actually becomes active your body. That leaves 90% that is just flushed through your body and wasted.

Lab Testing

Make sure the lab testing the CBD is 3rd party tested, and not an inhouse C of A. Companies say they test their own products and have not received outside testing can make false claims.

  • If a company doesn’t provide a lab reports and C of A don’t trust them.
  • A company should tell you exactly how many mg of CBD are in your product. If they don’t, it’s probably because there is only enough in there to claim they use it.

Buyer Beware

There are many low quality scams out there. Do you research!


A company should provide an address.

Industry Association

Quality brands are accountable to each other and are affiliated with trusted industry associations.

Contact Methods

It should be easy to contact a company via email or phone.

Company Team Photos

Reputable companies tell you about their team backgrounds and post staff photos. Sites with just stock photos and no employee backgrounds and pictures are a red flag.

The CBD industry has been the wild west suffering from lack of regulation and oversite for some time. However, many brands and industry leaders have begun to come together and demand more accountability, implementing best practices that have been in the medical and supplement industry for years. These important advancements in the industry will help ensure that buyers can build trust and find the products right for them.

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