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Fascinating CBD Research

Fascinating CBD Research

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. The reasons behind this growing interest are endless. Below are some fascinating studies that have been conducted on CBD. 

CBD May Help Manage Addiction

Dr. Ring performed a short term study of 42 patients, with drug abuse problems, CBD oil was shown to reduce cravings for up to one week after the oil was administered. The significant results suggested that CBD oil could be a very powerful tool in helping individuals with drug addictions.

Source: Northwestern Medicine

CBD May Help with Mental Disorders

In 2017 King’s College created an exploratory trial that studied anti-psychotic effects of CBD oil in schizophrenia-related psychosis. The CBD oil normalized the parts of the brain where psychosis and anxiety
was originally evident in the patients’ FMRIs.

Source: King’s College London

CBD May be Able to Energize or Sedate

In lower doses CBD oil may help with energy for getting through the day, finishing a work out, or just for that extra burst. On the other hand research suggests that in higher doses CBD oil can become a sedative and help users with Insomnia receive the restful sleep they so desperately need.

Source: Neuropsychopharmacology

CBD May Reduce The Spread of Cancer

Cannabidiol could reduce the spread of some cancer cells. Such cells include breast, colorectal, and lung cancers. Scientist believe that CBD could naturally inhibit the ID-1 gene preventing cancer cells from infecting surrounding tissues.

Source: National Cancer Institute


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