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Checklist for finding the right CBD

The CBD industry has been somewhat of a “wild west”- suffering from lack of regulation and over-site. However, many brands and industry leaders have begun to come together. Demanding more accountability, some of these forward thinkers are implementing best practices that have been in the medical and supplement industry for years. These refining improvements will help better the industry and ensure that buyers can find superior CBD products whose quality they can trust.

If you are looking for CBD, here is a checklist to help you find the best product for you:

Top Ingredients

Find products that use only the best ingredients in their formula. Be on the look out for products that use organics (when applicable), are free from heavy metals, are pesticide free, and do not contain any toxic or questionable additives. These are all traits of high-end CBD products that ensure quality.

Type of CBD

Though this qualifies as an ingredient, it it’s importance on this checklist must be called out. Pay attention to the type of CBD being used in the product. Terms like “pharmaceutical grade”, “nano CBD”, and “water soluble” are all associated with CBD that offers high quality and the best efficacy in the CBD industry.

THC Levels

While searching for CBD products, be aware of the THC in some products. It is not uncommon for CBD products to also contain THC- the compound responsible for psychoactive effects associated with the “high” of some cannabis products. If you are looking for products that offer the clarity of being THC free, make sure they are labeled as such. THC free products are out there, and companies that can show 0.00% THC lab results will provide the piece of mind those who desire or require to stay THC free.

Associations and Certifications

Reputable CBD companies have certifications and associates that demonstrate their accountability. Check the credentials of the CBD company you are considering. Memberships to industry associations indicate a company adheres to the standards put forth by the association and its peers. Certifications, such as GMP, assure quality control throughout the production process.


Is the company’s address easily found on their website? This may not seem significant, but transparency of information says a lot, not only about the company itself, but about the trustworthiness of their products. Location can also tell you a lot about the source of ingredients and the legal requirements and standards of production.

Company Contact

Much like location, the ease of which you can contact the CBD company you get products from speaks volumes of their legitimacy. Help and answers should be accessible without confusion and unnecessary delay. Be sure to find a company that treats customer care as a priority. If they care about your well-being, they will care about your comfort and happiness.

Lab Reports

Again, transparency is key! Lab reports should be readily available for any and all products a company produces. This is a basic requirement of any company that wants to be taken seriously in the CBD industry. If a CBD company does not provide lab reports and a CofA, DO NOT TRUST THEM. Lab reports will show the presence of any heavy metals, pesticides, the THC levels, the amount of CBD per product, etc. Essentially, lab reports, particularly those conducted by a third-party lab clarify, and elaborate on any potential claims to being a pure, clean product.

These 7 key checkpoints should help you find the best CBD products on the market. If you have values that aren’t listed here, be sure to add them to your personal checklist , and feel comfortable asking your questions of the CBD companies. Any CBD company deserving of your trust will be happy to help guide you through the selection process. Good luck and welcome to the world of CBD!