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4 Times During Your Day To Use Topical CBD

Topical CBD solutions have become extremely popular, especially as pain management products. There are many additional uses for topical CBD cream that might benefit your health and support your wellness lifestyle. Here are 4 such times to think about applying topical CBD next time you reach for your favorite CBD product:

In The Morning

Wake up with Lassen Labs

Inflammation, worn joints, muscles soreness, joint stiffness or simple sleeping in the wrong position can all cause someone to wake up in the morning feeling discomfort. Often, when seeking relief, we try stretching, but that doesn’t always provide the solution. Get an advantage by applying CBD cream in the morning to provide relief quickly. Starting your day with ease and comfort can lead to higher productivity and better overall wellness.


Before/after a workout

Work our with Lassen Labs

Using CBD before a workout can help maximize a workout by helping to lower blood pressure, allowing for a longer workout with less fatigue and reduced muscle stress. CBD can also help bring focus to a task, aligning one’s mind and body with a more targeted mindset to intensify a workout.

After a workout, CBD can help speed the recovery time of stiff and sore muscles. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe muscles, allowing users to move more freely and naturally without stiff muscles that may cause other pains throughout the body.


During your busy day to help manage anxiety and stress

De-Stress with lassen labs

Many people don’t realize that CBD can help with anxiety. Whether one suffers from chronic issues with anxiety and stress or finds themselves occasionally in scenarios that cause moments of panic, studies have shown CBD may be able to help provide relief. Many believe the only types of CBD that may possibly help in these cases, are edibles or inhalants. However, topical CBD cream, applied to the appropriate areas, may still provide the relief from anxiety or stresses that many are seeking. For those who prefer not to seek internal uses of CBD, topical CBD cream applied to the inside of the wrist, under the ears, or on the neck can offer a beneficial alternative.


Evening, before bed

Sleep well with lassen labs nano cbd

CBD has been shown to bring relaxation as it helps the body return to homeostasis, working and helping the body to restore natural balance. The best night’s sleep can bring more focus and energy, can reduce stress and risk of depression, and it can support overall better health. Applying CBD before bed can help to bring relief to the body after a busy day and it can also help to calm the mind, helping provide a good quality night’s sleep.